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Own development - Compact Conus FlotationCCF® flotation plant (DAF-system)

CCF® 2-staged flotation process

  • flotation units CCF® 2000 - CCF® 35000
    with unique features, with a flow rate of up to 35000 liter per hour
  • patented two-stage process to remove sludge and suspended solids from water:
    • 1.stage: sludge discharge by conus construction (for compressed flocks) and a scraper
    • 2.stage: large surface and air nozzles to support sludge discharge via an overflow
  • flotation plant with chemical station as well as measuring and control technology
  • good flow properties by tank construction without dead space
  • individual, compact construction
  • expandable (modular)
  • a lot of different applications

Exhibitor: IWAT GmbH

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